Short-Form Video Success in 2023: Mastering the Craft for Maximum Brand Engagement

The world of social media and digital marketing, traditional posting strategy, infographics and photos aren’t going to cut it anymore. That’s not to say you can’t showcase your business or brand through those means, but if you are looking for growth and reach in 2023, than short-form vertical video is by far your best option


Here are 5 tips and strategies for winning at short-form video in 2023.


Post where your audience already is


Before you decide on what content you want to make and post, you need to figure out where you are going to focus your time and energy in creating short-form content. The best way to choose a platform in 2023 is to post where your target audience already is. If you consistently post on Instagram, then Instagram Reels is the natural move. If you have or are growing a YouTube channel and brand, then YouTube Shorts is your best bet. Maybe you have an older audience, so in that case, Facebook is your best move. 


Bottom line, post where you are already finding success and have an audience.


Pick one platform to start. Don’t try to master multiple short-form platforms.


When looking at short-form content in 2023, you may naturally think that once you make on piece of content, it’s easy to just post it on every platform. And if you have a large marketing or PR team, that may be doable for you. However, especially for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and creators, focus on one platform and master your content strategy for one platform. Once you feel comfortable on that platform, and the work is low-lift, find another platform to start posting to to grow your reach.


That platform you choose is important, but trying to post too much can cause burnout and create a lot more work for you as you create short-form video content in 2023.


Create content that adds value to your brand.


Short-form video should add value to your brand and give your audience an inside look at your brand. This can come in the form of answering audience and customer questions, explaining topics and terms that relate to your industry, or showing behind the scenes and day-in-the-life content of you and your business. 


By creating content in 2023 that adds value to your brand for your customers, you will drive engagement and build a more organic and intimate relationship with customers and your audience.


Show your face to your audience.


While getting in front of the camera can be frightening, it’s by far the best way to drive engagement and grow your audience on social media in 2023. Your audience and customers want to support people and support causes, not just businesses and brands. If I see an animated infographic, that might deliver the information I need, but there is no personality behind the content. However, if the same information is delivered by someone from the brand, such as a subject-matter expert or someone in a leadership role, then I now have some level of a relationship with that brand and am more inclined to use that brand’s product or service.


If you’re not accustomed to being in front of the camera, it might feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. However, as you spend more time on camera, you’ll gradually become more at ease, enabling you to present yourself in a more natural and authentic manner.


Ride trends and have fun creating!


Riding trends is the easiest way to guarantee growth and reach in 2023 on short-form video platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. Adapt trending sounds and songs to your niche, and don’t worry about posting the “perfect” video. Many of these trends are all about being natural, fun and relatable, so there is little to no pressure on creating clean and perfect-looking videos.


It’s also important to remember to have fun with the content. Short-form video can be educational, well-crafted and professional, but it also allows you to have fun with your brand, show more of your personality and relate to your audience more!


To succeed in the world of short-form vertical videos in 2023, it’s important to adapt and embrace new strategies. Post where your audience is, focus on mastering one platform, create valuable content that adds to your brand, show your face to build engagement, and ride trends while having fun. By following these approaches, you can make the most of short-form video’s potential for growth and audience connection.