Unlocking Social Media Growth: The Undeniable Power of Consistent Posting

One of the biggest factors in growth on social media is post consistency. Whether that is once a week or once a day, it’s important to be consistent on social media to ensure growth and reach.


But why is it important, and what can you do to enable yourself to post more consistently? Let’s break down each question.


First, social media platforms favor brands and users that post more consistently. They look for accounts that are posting the most interesting, valuable, entertaining and engaging content. As a result, these accounts will be showcases more frequently than those who aren’t positing as frequently. 


This also results in a snowball effect. As you continue to post frequently, the platforms will show your content to more users, who will engage and share your content. As a result, content that gets more engagement will gain more reach, which will lead to further engagement. By increasing your post consistency, you will in turn see more growth and engagement on your accounts. This will also result in broader reach for your future posts, as anyone who follows you or has engaged with your posts in the pasts are more likely to be shown your posts in the future.


Consistency not only keeps your audience interested in your brand over the long-term, it also helps your brand look more authentic. If you post a variety of content types and post concisely, your audience will trust you as a brand who is dedicated to the platform and to building an audience. However, if you only post when you have a new product, when you have a sale or discount, or when you are making announcements, it will come across as inauthentic and may be seen as just a money grab. 


The key to an authentic brand image on social media is adding value to your audience and customers. This comes in many forms, such as educational content, answering questions and responding to comments, and sharing content that your audience creates about your brand. Not only will you start to grow an authentic brand and engaged audience, but you’ll also be able to lessen your content creation workload by sharing and engaging with content posted by your audience.


The last thing to remember is to be patient. Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. Sure, you may have a viral post or a bump in engagement here and there, but you will only see consistent, long-term growth when you start posting consistently, engaging with your audience, and adding value with your content. 


If you’re looking for more tips on how to post more consistently and decrease your content workload, check out this blog post on posting daily content.