Maximizing Your Content Game: Smart Strategies for Daily Posting Without the Burnout

Between coming up with new content ideas, scripting, filming, editing and scheduling, posting daily content is a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be. Batching content, repurposing other content, riding trends, and engaging with your audience are all easy ways to get the most out of the content you are creating and will allow you to post daily.


Let’s dive into each strategy:


Batching Content


Batching content refers to the process of filming multiple videos in one block of time. This will allow you to dedicate your time and mental energy to filming content and will allow you to build up a backlog of videos to post over the coming weeks or even months. 


One easy strategy to batch content is to simply talk about a list of topics. If you’re alone, just make a list of topics that you are passionate about or that you come across each day in your business, and create short videos on each one. If you have an assistant or a partner to film, with, have them feed you different topics and ask questions about them. This creates a natural conversational flow and allows you to create a lot of content in a relatively short period of time.


For example, if you are a real estate agent, an easy set of topics would be to go through the process of buying a home. Some possible topics include:


  • First meeting/consultation
  • Questions to ask your agent
  • What to consider when buying your first home
  • What paperwork do you need to have ready
  • What not to do when buying your first home
  • What are the next steps once you find a home?
  • Why you should always have an inspection


All of these topics are short-form video ideas, and they can take less than 10 minutes to film. By batching your content creation, you’ll save time and create a less-stressful content creation experience.


Repurpose Previous Content


Repurposing content is the easiest way to not only limit the amount of new content ideas you have to come up with, but it also gives life to older pieces of content you already created. If you have blog posts, podcasts or webinars, these are all great pieces of content to break apart into short-form videos. For blog posts, like the one you’re reading now, each tip or idea can be a video. For podcasts and webinars, find key moments and powerful quotes to pull out as standalone pieces of content.


Don’t let your old pieces of content die. Repurpose them into short-form content to not only drive more traffic, but also to lower your content creation workload.


Ride Trends


Trends can seem cheesy or corny, but there’s a reason they are trending. Not only will social media platforms showcase your content more if you use trending audio and sounds, but it’s really easy and quick content to make. With trends, it’s important to not reinvent the wheel. Trending content has a formula, so adapt the trend to your niche or industry, film the video, post it, and move on to the next piece of content.


Trending sounds and audio are extremely easy and low-lift ways to create content that is relatable and that will reach a lot of users. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, and have fun with it!


Engage with your audience


Instagram and TikTok have an amazing feature where you can reply to a comment in a video. This strategy is extremely low-lift and provides a great opportunity for you to connect directly with your audience and customers. Whether that’s using a comment to answer a question, reacting to a great review or testimonial, or taking feedback and incorporating that into your product, there are so many ways for you to use comments as pieces of video content on the platform of your choice!


All of these strategies (batching content, repurposing old content, riding trends, and engaging with your audience) will lower your content workload significantly and allow you to post more often, without putting in that much more work!